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Great Mead

Review by Jason on 1/21/2012

Brewed in 2008, needed at least 1 year before it became really good. Just drank the last few this past summer (2011) and they were excellent. Good to make for your friends who do not like beer, but want to try your creations.

Great Mead Every Time

Review by Mark R. on 1/22/2012

I have used this kit to make 4 batches of mead over the last 4 years and now that they are starting to age I am reaping the benefits with great tasting mead that is a hit every time I bring it out.

Couldn't wait.

Review by scott on 11/21/2012

First batch aged in the secondary for a year. My son and his friends (all over 21) couldn't wait for me to bottle and poured straight from the secondary. This batch I steeped some black patent malt in the initial boil and used sage honey. Now to patiently wait for next Yule.

A Great Kit

Review by James M. on 6/16/2013

I've had some problems with making mead in the past but whatever comes in this kit did the trick. I used relatively inexpensive honey from Sam's Club and it worked very well; final gravity well under 1.000. My wife and I sampled a small glass when bottling and it was pretty good "young" and at room temperature. We can't wait until it ages a little longer and we chill it a bit. Looking at some other reviews, I may have to try some flavoring on the next batch. I would recommend this kit to anyone who had an interest in mead. I've paid 13 dollars for a 750 of mead at a local winery. For just over twice that I now have the equivalent of almost two cases of 750s.

This was a good kit for my kid!

Review by Riki on 7/9/2016

My daughter wanted to take on my hobby, and this kit was an easy way to get her started as a brewer.

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