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Decent kit

Review by Thomas on 5/25/2014

Overall I enjoyed the kit. I would prefer a slightly starting gravity.

Reminds me of the old country

Review by Paul on 9/15/2014

I spent 8 years living in Germany. I have a pretty good idea of what a good Weizenbier should taste like. This is it. If done properly and according to the recipe, just close your eyes and take a swallow and make a trip back to your favorite gasthaus in Deutschland. It's not heavy on alcohol, nor should it be. This one you make purely for the taste.


Review by Kristian on 11/28/2014

Great Brew! Easy Brew and tastes better than a lot of craft wheat beers you can find here in New Zealand. Ordering again now.... :)

Great Weizenbeer

Review by Richard S. on 8/1/2017

I've spent a lot of time in Bavaria, Germany and I learned to enjoy Hefe Weizenbier there. It has become more popular in the USA in recent years, and it is a favorite of craft brewers and local brew pubs. I have made many batches of the Williams Weizenbeer and it is a favorite of many of my friends - and me, too! I make sure that I let a little bit more yeast siphon off the bottom when I'm transferring my beer from the 5 gallon Williams plastic fermentor to a 5 gallon tank I use for priming and bottling. I also let the fermentation go several extra days and I get the specific gravity down to about 1.1. The extra time during fermentation adds some yeast flavor that I like a lot. I've also learned to stir the added sugar used for priming very well - and to keep stirring as I bottle. When I pour the finished beer I use the Bavarian technique: store the bottle upright. Pour the beer down the side of the glass slowly - and then swirl the bottle and dump in the yeast.

hefe wiezen kit k19

Review by b farrar on 9/2/2017

wrote a previous review on 8/7.beer is done after a odd beginning. yeast smelled awful during fermentation but u guys said it was ok so i proceeded onward.added some sweet orange peel & some cracked cloves at end of boil & let her rip.great beer,different style but very refreshing & its hard to stop drinking.i think the yeast gave it a different presentation from most.u guys have the best kits.this is a summer keeper (maybe year round) B.Farrar

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