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Schmeckt Gut

Review by Robert M. on 7/15/2008

Pros: A great wheat beer that's light and smooth as a summer's breeze. Even good without the lemon. Mine's fairly low carbonization but I like how the flavor stands out. I'd make it again.


Review by Phil L. on 7/16/2008

Pros: Very simple to make, directions are explicit. A great beer for a beginner or someone who doesn't want a ton of work for a quality beer.

Superb! Can't go wrong...

Review by Tim C. on 8/9/2008

Pros: I have to say, this is a nice one. Initially, I thought it wasn't so spectacular (which is, I suppose, accurate, as I tend to brew the Belgian beers more often - more "excitement" to those typically), but after a couple of tastes I realized this beer actually has a very nice, and balanced, complexity. There's actually a lot going on, but it's all fairly subtle, and again...balanced. It tastes pretty much like I was after, given experience at local (SF, CA) German restaurants/wheat beer on tap there. I could go on and on...nice creaminess, terrific mouth feel (in the spirit of fair review, I'm testing one - yes, just the first one - now). In summary, I love good beer, and personally this has turned out to be a real favorite after all.

Cons: This can't really be regarded as a "con" exactly, but it should be noted that I found this beer to be best when very fresh, within the first few days of being ready after bottling/conditioning. That said, the dropoff since is not very noticable, just maybe more so than the kits I've experienced (I've done the Belgian Double and Wit, and some other random ones). (As is obvious from above, even at this point, about 3 wks from ready state, it's still doing great overall.)

hmmm, great beer, did my review get rejected?

Review by Tim C. on 8/9/2008

Pros: I just wrote a lengthy and very positive review of this product. This will have to suffice - buy this kit!

Cons: My lengthy review is not showing up.


Review by R.L.R. on 8/26/2008

Pros: My first Wheat beer. As easy as it gets. Just like William's other kits. Shaping up to be a great, smooth beer. Add a splash of Sunny-D in the glass and you'll see the sunset.

Cons: Lid blew off of fermenter, air lock got clogged with "stuff" from a very active fermentation. Went away for a few days after pitched. Lesson learned. Beer still turned out though. Took about 5 weeks or so for flavor to come around to what I expected. My third batch of beer, still learning.

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