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Got to Get this One

Review by Jeremy B. on 7/11/2007

Pros: Wow, where do I start. This is my second purchase from William Brewing, my first was the Brown Ale which was excellent (I reviewed that one too). I added a couple of my own touches, which wasn't nessessary but wanted to experiment, to this wonderful Brew. I purchased some sarsaparilla root and malto-dextrin. I boiled the sarsaparilla root per Williams directions with the wort and added 4 oz of malto-dextrin to the last 30 min. of the boil. Talk about a beer that would make you slap your mamma and this is it! I am afraid to buy any other kit after drinking this brew as everything else will be a dissapointment. Ok let me get to the review. Very smooth with a nice bite of bitterness yet not overpowering. Great malty flavor that sits between your cheek and tounge not wanting to be swallowed. Perfect alcohol feel as each sip finds its way to the back of your throat. I must for everyday drinking.

Cons: I would add an additional 3lbs of dark malt to recipe as I like my beers on the higher side of alcohol. Even so it truly was perfect.

Crowd Pleaser

Review by Michael VZ on 6/27/2007

Pros: Of the 25 batches I have made, this is the best. Rich complex flavors with hints of coffee and chocolate. After it fermented for 14 days I added 3 vanilla beans in a secondary carboy and let it sit for 5 more days. Even my "Light Beer" friends couldn't get enough of this.

Cons: It's gone! Time to order a new batch!

Good medium-body dark beer

Review by Robert R. on 9/15/2006

Pros: I have made 4 batches of this porter over the past 3 years, and each one has turned out to be very pleasant and drinkable. Not a stout, of course, but just a couple notches off that in body and flavor. The last couple of batches I fortified with coffee, to make a "coffee porter", which has a faint coffee flavor, and has been very popular with anyone who likes coffee (or the smell of coffee). Also won a blue ribbon at a local farm show homebrew competition...

Cons: None...a high quality product as usual.

Perfect daily drinker mild beer

Review by Matthew P. on 3/3/2006

Pros: This has got to be my top pick for beer kits. It is perfect. It is light hopped (good!) and has just a hint of malt flavor. It clears up really well and looks like a professionally made beer. the flavor is perfect. It is light enough to drink often, but still has a rich flavor. **If you don't know which kit to get, get this one.** This kit kegs very well.

Cons: None.

porter review

Review by levis550 on 1/7/2006

Pros: It was easy to use and tasted really good even after 2 months in the bottle.