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Versatile Recipe

Review by CORY S. on 6/1/2012

This Porter makes a great starting place for anyone interested in experimenting with flavors. One could make a coffee porter, or like me, a chocolate "mock-bock". I haven't tried it without at least some modification alone, but I really do like the versatility.

PORTER a family favorite

Review by Frank M. on 1/27/2012

I've found the Williams Porter to be a favorite, especially around the holidays with family. I've brewed this Porter kit many times over the past ten years and kept a record of the comments during our family beer tastings; over and over this beer has received "best ever", "great beer" with never a less than enthusiastic response. I usually add an inch or two of Italian licorice (available through Williams) and find that it adds a hint of something pleasant that people just can't quite identify. I break up the licorice in small pieces by putting it in a small plastic bag and tapping it lightly with a hammer. From time to time I've added half a pound or so of dry malt extract (amber) to boost the alcohol content; the extra DME makes the beer a little dryer. With or without the additions, this is a very reliable beer kit that makes great tasting Porter.

Use William's Porter as the base for Holiday Brew

Review by Albert Irusta on 10/9/2011

I've used several William's kits as the basis for my annual Holiday brew, but have found the Porter to be the best. I make a "tea" of ginger root, whole cloves, whole All-spice, cinnamon bark, essence of orange and a couple pounds of honey. Let that simmer while the wort is boiling and then strain it into the boiling wort during the last few minutes. This beer takes a while to ferment out so it needs to be started early in order to be ready for the Holiday season. Pop the cap on one of these bottles and the aroma shouts out "Cheers!", the honey adds a little extra "warmth". Give it a try - you won't be sorry. This year I added 2 pounds of dry amber malt extract to give this brew a bit more body, I'm anxious to see how it turns out.

even better with espresso

Review by Michael W. on 9/8/2011

Good on it's own, but brew a cup or two of espresso and add to the beer right before bottling or kegging. Age a few months for the best flavor. Cheers!

best yet

Review by Dennis on 9/7/2011

Done four kits from Williams (stout, porter, honey wheat, rasberry wheat) and this is the best. Took it to my local homebrew club, and "the judges" liked it as is, although they had suggestions for the others.