Average rating 8.76 out of 10 ( based on 25 reviews )

My first try

Review by Thomas R. on 10/31/2007

Pros: I followed the instructions to a tee and opened my first bottle Monday and so far, everyone who has tasted it it including myself think it is one of the smoothest and mellow IPA's we've had in a long time. Kudo's to William's Brewing.

IPA for the 1st timer

Review by thsdesigns on 9/8/2007

Pros: Amazing rich flavor, balanced perfectly with the right amount of hops for one of the best beers you`ll ever taste. This was the 1st kit I tried and I compare everything else to it. So far, nothing comes close. It is not over-powering either. If you are looking for that, try the triple hopped kit.

Cons: My 1st batch was bottled to soon, which means it had more CO2 than I like. To compensate, you`ll need to pour it directly from the bottle to a glass quickly. If not, it will volcano from the bottle. Lie I said, my fault, my meter reading was a bit off. If it happens to you, just leave the next batch to ferment a few more days before bottling.

Can't wait to drink it.....

Review by Beerface on 9/7/2007

Pros: So I AM drinking it! It still needs to age about two weeks in the bottles. But now that it is in the bottles, it looks like beer, and I have to drink it. And it is allready sooo good! This is my first brew ever, and I am pretty psyched about the whole thing. I gave it 10 stars even though I think it could be a little more refined, but then it will be in a couple of weeks, when I am supposed to taste it.

Cons: So hard to wait as long as I should. I hope some is left when it is properly aged.

This was great

Review by Reid on 3/3/2006

Pros: The kit was simple. I am new to brewing and this was the first batch I ever made. All my friends told me it would turn out bad my first time, but it was excellent. I recomend it to any one who like hoppy beer.

So good

Review by Ray A S. on 2/15/2006

Pros: This came out so good,mmmmmmmmmmmmm