Average rating 8.76 out of 10 ( based on 25 reviews )

Super beginner Brew

Review by Robert on 4/7/2012

This was my first brew, and it was a big hit. This became the go to beer in the house. The FG stayed a bit higher that noted even though secondary fermented. Popular acclaim in the family has a second kit to be ready when the warm weather hits.

Extra time to reach recommended SG

Review by William on 9/3/2011

The primary fermentation took a bit longer than expected to get the SG down to the recommended level. I might have let the temps get too low in the evenings as I put the beer in the garage. Overall it could use a bit more hops for an IPA but a decent drink.

Great Aroma Without Face Puckering Punch

Review by Bo on 5/28/2011

This is a great recipe. You get the fruity character from the hop less the hard punch bitterness you typically find in American IPA recipes. This is definitely on the list of re-orders.

Good Solid IPA

Review by Shane R on 5/16/2011

This IPA creates a nice golden colored brew with that hoppy finish you would expect. I deducted some stars because of the lack of that punch in the mouth hoppy-ness I was hoping for. All in all though it was a good brew kit and made a very nice homebrew. Good experience that will have me back to buy more!

Great IPA, easy way to start homebrewing

Review by David M. on 5/7/2010

Pros: William's kits always supply top quality ingredients. The instructions are clear and can be followed to produce an excellent batch of beer, ale, or wine. I've made this particular ale several times with consistently good results. The combination of hops gives both good aroma and dryness to the finished product.

Cons: Some prefer an even higher IBU, but I think this is pretty well balanced. Some care is required to maintain clarity as this is a light yellow-colored brew and you want it to be as clear as possible. I like the results of kegging better than bottling.