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Worst Ale ever

Review by David M. on 6/17/2007

Pros: It had a great head.

Cons: "Everything" Let me start with I have brewed well over 100 gals of home brew with recipies that came form local brew stores and all tasted very close to what I thought they would. I'm talking Porters, Stouts, Amber and Pale Ales and even IPA's. But this stuff was BAD ! First the liquid yeast was shipped with no cool pack (when it was shipped it was over 100 degs were I live, my local brew store said that this was unacceptable and that I should not use the yeast. When I called, you said it would still work "not"). It took 9 days to swell ? I have NEVER had it take more than 2-3 HOURS for this same brand "WYEAST" to swell. The batch looked fine while brewing, the yeast took off 24 hrs after it was pitched, the kraeusen rose well and subsided after the 4th day and was ready to transfer to the secondary 0n the 5th day. It was ready to bottle on the 12th day. I let it bottle condition a full 14 days. When I poured it wow what A good head but the taste "NASTY" to best describe it I would have to say sour, bitter and biting. Needless to say the brew store here said "I told you so". You guys have great prices and your shipping rates and on time delivers will keep me as a customer but your recipes never again.

Great Starter Kit

Review by Timothy G. on 10/25/2006

Pros: This was the first kit I ever brewed and I have to say that it was awesome. The taste and aroma were more than I could have possibly hoped for. I will definately brew this again.

Cons: It need to into a secondary fermenter to get it off it's yeast bed. My batch didn't age as well as it could because it picked up bad flavors after a month in the bottle. More of a handling issue than the batch itself.

Great beer, but stronger than expected

Review by Colin M. on 10/9/2006

Pros: This was a great tasting beer with a nice mild flavor as advertised. One word of caution though, my starting gravity was 1.072 and my finishing gravity was 1.020 netting an abv of 6.8% - perhaps my starting measurement was off, but the effects sure felt like 6+% - no complaintes here though :-)

Cons: I bottled half my batch in a mini 2.5 keg and the remainder in 22oz bottle. This beer tasted better with the lower carbonation (in mini keg) rather than in the bottle.

English Bitter

Review by Andrew C. on 4/13/2006

Pros: Excellent beer, everyone who has sampled it claims it is as good as they had in England.

Cons: The kegs don’t last as long as other brews.

English Bitter

Review by Karl S. on 12/1/2005

Pros: True to form, nice malty flavor with the english hop flavors hovering just behind the malt. First time William's kit brewer. Very pleased with the outcome and will definately brew it again. My wife is English and was surprised that the yanks could get that close.

Cons: If you want to stay true to the style then batch carbonation with provided corn sugar will lead to over-carbonation (for this style) which makes the beer much crisper than traditional flater bitter's. I might try do bottle with less sugar next time.