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Review by John V. on 5/10/2010

Pros: Shipping was great, I received the product after two days.

Cons: I wish the description said I'd need to pitch the yeast. I prefer the active stuff for flavor and better quality control.

English Bitter

Review by William P. on 5/7/2010

Pros: Very smooth finish.

Cons: Instructions need more details.

Good beer, but not a great bitter

Review by C. Paul C. on 4/25/2010

Pros: Good flavor. Very balanced carbonation. Creamy head.

Cons: Falls somewhat short of a good bitter. Lacked a solid finishing note.

Good stuff, mild yet lots of flavor

Review by leland m. on 3/18/2010

Pros: This was my 2nd Williams kit and my first English bitter. I like it a lot. My son and 5 of my friends have tried it and their reviews ranged from very good to fantastic. Not one negative comment.

Cons: Try as I might, I could not break in the activator packet so my yeast packet didn't activate. I just dumped it all into the fermenting pail and it worked fine anyway but I haven't had much luck activating the liquid yeast (I'm 1 for 3.)


Review by Dave W on 2/18/2010

Pros: Very good stuff. I chose this one because I lived in England for five years and really miss pub bitter. First time brewing and I had a friend who has been brewing for 20+ years help me out - but I could have done this alone, it was that easy. He was more inclined to brew by instinct than by instructions, so I'm not sure the results were exactly as they were intended. Nice balanced taste. My next batch will be to try an English IPA and then come back to brew this again later.

Cons: Very low carbonation in bottles. Not sure what happened there but I expected a bit more - even knowing that english bitter is not highly carbonated. Doubt I could get much head off these if I poured hard. Also clouded in the fridge - so I will do a secondary next time around for clarity.