Average rating 8.68085106382979 out of 10 ( based on 47 reviews )

Excellent Beer

Review by Roberta on 9/15/2014

Kit was easy to brew and final brew came out great. Had a BBQ and all that tried the beer enjoyed it

As good as it was easy

Review by Landon on 4/3/2014

Brewed this up and sent some to a friend who is known to like traditional bitters and has a pretty sensitive palate. He loved it and I think I've convinced him to start brewing his own beers. Really a nicely done kit.

too sweet, too much caramel flavor, not enough hops

Review by Matt on 10/18/2013

This kit was very easy to brew, the yeast package was ready to pitch after just 4 hours and the fermentation was clean. The yeast does not flocculate as well as others and the beer took a long time to clear in the secondary fermenter. However, the beer carbonated quickly in the bottle and was ready to drink just 5 days after bottling. For my taste this beer is too sweet, has too little hops, and has too much caramel flavor for a traditional English bitter.

Super Beer

Review by Martin on 4/15/2013

This beer kit has always produced a great tasting good head beer. Friends that have tasted it have always had a second glass. FYI. When fermenting I ferment at 72 DegF, and use 5 gallon kegs which works great. The beer seems to want to self carbonate continuously even when I put in a "orange juice" container for transport. Just a couple of hours and removing the screw on lid, there is a release of pressure just like a bottle.

Balance Beer

Review by Chad on 11/7/2012

Really enjoy this beer. This kit is consistently good. However, it does have a tendency to be over carbonated when bottling. Be careful to make sure you hit the proper gravity before bottling.