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Why new recipe

Review by Don on 5/7/2019

I too was disappointed in the change to a lighter malt. This new recipe no longer has the malty flavor and dark color of authentic southern England bitters. It also brewed up a bit more alcoholic than the previous recipe (4.5 vs 4.0%), which is also less of an authentic bitter.

Confused Reviews

Review by Luke on 2/13/2019

Not sure what some of these other reviewers did differently on their batches. My batch was not sweet or overly carbonated. If anything I would have been ok with slightly more carbonation. Also does Not taste like Shiner. That is a Lager this is an Ale. Brew it for yourself & set your own opinion. I rather liked it.

Good & Easy

Review by Steve on 2/13/2019

The kit was very easy to use with easy to follow directions. The finished product was very good. Very much like a light pale ale. I would recommend.

Too Light

Review by Schmidty on 1/13/2019

What happened to your authentic English bitter? The malt that came in my kit looked suspiciously like the malt in my California Pilsner kit, but I brewed it anyway. It’s not a bad beer, just not a bitter anymore. I’m bummed by that. Light golden, low malt flavor.

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Review by b farrar on 5/18/2017

1st kit i ever got that didnt make the grade.its way to dark & tastes like Bass ale,this is not my idea of Fullers ESB.i think you should use a much lighter malt & more hops.i have loved your other kits and now making your wonderful farmhouse ale.