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Nice piece of work

Review by Jon on 1/26/2014

These fittings work well and look great. It's a positive seal and doesn't leak. Avoid the flow restriction that you get with other QDC fittings.

Excellent Product

Review by Roger on 1/24/2014

We were skeptical at first after trying other products, but after using these SNAPLOCK connectors on our brew kettle, we were so impressed that we have replaced all of the other connectors as well. They work well and do not leak. We have them on our chiller, hop infuser, fermenters, pump and several other items. Well worth the price.


Review by Jimmy on 4/16/2013

These fittings are the best thing out there and a great value. I have both the male and female fittings hooked up to my new blichmann top tier setup, therminator, chugger pump, boiler maker kettle, HLT and Mash Lauter tun. Makes for fast switching from recirculation to transferring from one kettle to another and chilling too. Make a couple hoses with the female fittings and voila! Simply put: Life is easier with these things.

Great quality

Review by Thomas on 4/3/2013

These fittings are great quality and are really easy to use, clean, and sanitize. And not that it matters (but it does) they look very professional. I have started changing out all of my connections to cam and grove. I have add this to my kettle valve and to the valve on my conical (for easy fill).

Great product

Review by Kristopher on 11/1/2012

Absolutely great product, no leaks, and no fuss in using them time and time again. Would highly recommend these for anyone looking to upgrade their connectors.