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No leaks with these clamps

Review by Gregory Stephens on 4/11/2019

I would give an excellent rating if solely based on function. These clamps are secure and with the pins, you have confidence nothing will fail. I ordered nearly a dozen and they came loose, wrapped together in bubble wrap. There were lots of dings and dents in the fittings from the CA to GA. They should at least be hand wrapped in a small piece of paper or bubble wrap so they don’t bang into each other. One in the set was damaged beyond use. Williams was quick to send me a replacement. Other than the shipping, they function perfectly, they all match up just fine due to the cam lock nature and do not leak. Expensive but you won’t ever replace them, best investment in long term plumbing if you system! William's Brewing Responds: Sorry for the problem with the damage. We have reviewed packing procedures with the packer in question and it will not happen again.

backflush wort cooler

Review by Don on 12/13/2017

purchased adaptor to configure back flush of wort cooler - excelent, no additional lines necessary.

The best QD

Review by John Anderson on 2/17/2017

These are the best QD I've found and the only ones I'll use now. Before, when I was using the "ball-lock" style, i was having issues with leaks primarily due to tiny differences in the fittings between manufacturers. Some fit super tight, some way to loose and some I had to send back because they wouldn't fit at all. With these cam-locks, Ive actually ordered them from several different vendors and every one has fit snug as it should and haven't had one leak. Not to mention that these are a fraction of the price of the "ball-lock" style. Highly recommended. And of course, Williams shipped fast and I received them in good order.


Review by Fred on 10/27/2015

After working in a small brew pub here in Tacoma I was going to go with the tri-clover fittings. But, I found these guys and now use them in my set up. Easy to clean and sanitize, great price and no welding what more could you want?

luv these fittings

Review by robert on 10/23/2015

we have a boring machine at work and it has these kind of fittings and they work great industrially so its great to have them on my brew equipment.