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One of my most used items on brew day

Review by Michael on 11/10/2012

Pros: Holds a full gallon for transferring mash water to mash tun. Also great for the first running from the mash tun. Cons: I never really trust the plastic handle when loaded with a gallon of 150 degree water. Always hold the spout area for a little more support. The handle has never broke but a gallon is heavy.

Favorite item at Williams

Review by WTN on 9/25/2015

Love this pitcher. The handle design makes it easy to hang on the side of a vessel. This is the second one I have ordered. Don't let you brewing buddies borrow it, you may not get it back!


Review by Richard Davis on 9/12/2017

I needed one for my brew days to measure, sparge.... This is perfect!

Gallon Measure

Review by john on 5/12/2018

Sturdy, nice clear markings. easy to use in buckets and kettles and the open handle lets you hang it on the side.

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