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Recycling #7???

Review by smiddy on 2/23/2011

This pitcher is just what the doctor ordered if you need a big vessel to measure water and or transfer vorlof. I am concerned though, the recycling number on the bottom of the pitcher says #7. Recycling #7 is a catch all from what I've read on the components used to make the item. Though I am concerned about BPA leeching. I hope since this item is supposed to be used with high temperatures (where leeching can occur most) that it wasn't created with BPA (someone at Williams Brewing please confirm and advise folks here).

One of the most widely used items in my brewery

Review by Gary on 1/20/2012

Great for everything in the description. I also stick it in the brew pot to take a bit out to dissolve malt extract in to avoid scorching.


Review by caleb on 1/22/2012

Was a huge improvement and time saver over the 1 qt container I was using for vorlaufing.

Stainless steel please.

Review by Pete on 2/2/2012

This is a great measuring tool. After having mine for a few months now it has cracked at the bottom, and at the handle, and it leaks slowly. Not a big deal as it is still functional and I expected it since its made of plastic. I would buy a stainless steel version of one of these in an instant. Can you supply it WB?

One of those "can't do without tools"

Review by Brise on 8/15/2012

These measuring cups are awesome. I've got two that do everything from calibrating carboys and kettles, measuring strike water, to vorlauf, to holding cleaning solution to pump through the plate chiller and even serving draft beer for a group on the patio. For the price, you can't beat the functionality.

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