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Review by Larkin on 9/9/2011

This was a great malt extra for making Pale Ales and I.P.As. For 5 gallons it creates a brew that has a dark reddish color.

Outstanding Pale Ale Malt Extract

Review by harry m. on 5/10/2010

Pros: Of all malt extracts that I have tried for the past 15 years this extract with a good combination of bittering and finishing hops yields an excellent IPA and at $19.90/8# an excellent value.

Great Product

Review by Larry on 5/9/2010

Pros: As an extract brewer, I love the great selection of specialty malt extracts Williams carries. I just brewed this belgian pale and the initial taste is wonderful. And, the 8lb pouch is just right for getting around a 5% abv brew.

Cons: Hard to get all the syrup out the pouch.