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Rich Amber/Red Extract

Review by Bill on 4/14/2013

I rely on Williams extracts for all my brewing and this one is my favorite. The deep amber color produces a beer with exceptional color. I combined this amber extract with a little Roasted Barley (580L) to produce a rich red Irish Ale with just the right amount of maltiness.

Best Pale Ale

Review by Forrest on 4/13/2013

Very consistant, 8lbs in 5.5 gallons gets a OG of 1.048 every time. No need for a mini mash, this formula is perfect.

Great for Pale Ales!

Review by Joshua on 11/7/2012

I love to use this product for pale ales and IPAs. The price is great and I get a great SG that translates into a nice strong beer. I use Williams' extract for about 90% of my brews.

Excellent Extract

Review by Casey on 5/31/2012

I'm a huge fan of this extract. It's my go-to extract for my IPAs. Good maltiness but not overpowering so the bitterness and aroma hops come through. To make sure to get all of the extract out try this: Cut the top (of course) but also slice the pouch 4 or 5 times vertically and submerge the whole thing in your brew pot with the water temp close to boiling. Stir for about two minutes and remove with tongs. This technique removes all of the extract for me every time.

Good stuff

Review by BrewHam on 3/7/2012

This is a really nice blend that ferments out clean and with no excess maltiness. Put the bag in hot water to loosen the syrup. Cut off the entire top to pour (shut off the heat and mix) then roll it like a toothpaste tube to get out the last of the liquor. I might leave an ounce or two behind but it is no worse and probably better than trying to pour that last ounce out of a jug.