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Great Product, excellent value

Review by Ken G. on 2/15/2010

Pros: Lives up to its billing, wonderful balance for such a strong stout . . think of Guinness on steroids . . . think of North Coast's Old Rasputin

Cons: You really need a secondary fermenter for this recipe and an oxygenator . . .also you need to use a yeast starter for this recipe because Williams Wyeast packets are often a little anemic after traveling across country. . . This recipe takes a looonng time to mature, something around a couple or three months, but it's well worth it.

Imperial Stout.

Review by Sacman on 2/13/2010

Pros: Left in in the carboy for an extra two weeks. Smooth, chewy, and like ink. Has an upper cut to it, but I like that kinda punch. Will do again.

Cons: I took the long route and the anticipation is intense, but worth the wait.

One heady beer

Review by Nils I. on 2/8/2010

Pros: This Imperial stout definitely deserves the imperial title. A big chewy beer, jet black, and full of flavor, with a nice head.

Cons: It has a bit of a licorice flavor to it - I don't mind it much, but it's definitely there, and hasn't seemed to change much over the six months since brewing.

Excellent Imperial Stout

Review by John S. on 2/8/2010

Pros: Nice flavor with the oak chips that were added to the secondary. This is definitely an Imperial. Perfect for the winter in the northeast.

Cons: none.

Excellent kit, strong beer, only minor complaints

Review by Michael L. on 2/6/2010

Pros: Preparation and fermentation went well. I was initially skeptical about the oak addition but the flavor is a noticeable and enjoyable addition to the beer.

Cons: Probably could have done without priming sugar. I overcarbonated the batch, which is probably because of something I did myself, but there is so much sugar in the beer I probably could have gotten good carbonation without additional sugar.