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review,farmhouse ale

Review by b farrar on 4/12/2017

this is a remarkable kit.have been brewing on & off for 20 years & have never had a better kit.perfect summer beer. cant stop drinking this stuff.clean,complex & totally drinkable.if u dont like this this beer u are a bud lite drinker.may god have mercy on your soul.your kits are the best.keep up the the good work B. Farrar

Yeast packet

Review by DennisS on 3/17/2021

After sitting on the shelf for 4 weeks or ao I found the box swollen as the yeast packet had swollen on its own. Then I found that I could not pop the interior yeast packet for fear of popping the large packet. I went ahead and brewed and added both yeast contents separately. This is otherwise one of my favorite brews.

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