Average rating 9.9 out of 10 ( based on 10 reviews )

Excellent and perfect for Kettle Valve

Review by SteveB on 7/25/2013

Love the simplicity of this screen. It is very high quality and matches will with my Kettle Valve and 40 quart pot.

KettleScreen w Brewer's Edge

Review by Paul Z on 11/4/2012

Works fine in the brew kettle. I add whole hops to the boil. Don't be stingy with the recipe volume. Plan on some of the wort with the trub to fall below the kettle screen, thus being left behind and not going into the fermentation vessel.

Kettlescreen is the only choice

Review by Xavier on 1/20/2012

Having dealt with false bottoms and bazooka tubes the Kettlescreen is easier to install and easier to clean. Makes breaking down a 15.5gal keg easy after a long brew day. Only con to this product is if a hopsock isn't used then it tends to clog.

Mash Tun Screen

Review by PCO on 3/28/2010

Pros: I normally don't write reviews but I had to on this product. For YEARS I could never get my false bottoms to work perfectly due to the fact they don't seal around the edges and I would get endless runs including grains before it would finally clarify. The product works flawlessly. I did a first running and within 1/4 gal the wort ran clear allowing me to run into the boiling pot. I was estatic! Finally no stressing over having grains in my boiling pot.

Cons: Like the other review, it doesn't fit perfectly in the 10 gal Igloo but the mesh manipulates easily to fit it in.

Bazooka Screen for Mash Tun

Review by Jason F. on 4/27/2009

Pros: I use a Rubbermaid cooler for my mash tun with a stainless false bottom. Every other brew, I ended up getting a stuck mash, but this instantly solved the problem. Very little grain passes through and it is easy to remove for cleaning.

Cons: I had to bend the end so it could fit in the cooler, but it is still very effective.