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Great beer, even flat and not so cold

Review by michael s. on 11/10/2009

Pros: I just bottled this, and I wanted to drink it on the spot. I didn't exactly follow the instructions due to 2 slight mistakes. First one was this was my first attempt at making a starter, and I misjudged the time it would take, so I used a one stage starter, and HAD TO brew it when I did. To make up for the small starter, I added a vial of wlp500.Secondly, It was my first time using my propane burner, and I didn't consider evaporation, so I had to add more water than I wanted to, so I added some DME and dextrose at the very end of the boil. I don't think I needed to, since I would up with a 1.100 SG. Anyway, Fg was 1.030 for an ABV of 9.17. After tasting the final hydro sample before bottling, I drew myself a glass and threw it in the fridge. Uncarbed and slightly cooled, this brew was unbelievable. I can't even imagine what this is going to taste like carbed and well chilled. I even left the last 2 or so bottles uncapped and threw thenm in the fridge and I'm enjoying them now. This spent 2 weeks in primary, and 9 days secondary, and it's drinkable right now. I'm definitely planning on ordering this kit again. Might even double order this one and keep a rotation of it going. It's definitely that good.


Review by James R. on 5/13/2009

Pros: I was a littled scared when the beer seemed to stop fermenting very quickly. Even when I transferred it to the secondary I still only saw a few bubbles. It carbonated in the bottle very slowly as well. This has turned out to be one of my favorites. It is very strong so you definitely have to pace yourself...

Cons: None

the QUAD

Review by jeremy S. on 5/5/2009

Pros: This was the very first kit we have ordered from WB. It came quickly and was very well packaged. the ingredients were fresh and the brew went very smooth. the spicy additions offer a very nice flavor and blend....8.1% abv!

Cons: none

Very tasty...drink it slow.

Review by Kerry C. on 4/29/2009

Pros: Very flavorful and very potent. I bottled and kegged it. The keg was for immediate drinking which turned out wonderful. I can't wait for the aged, naturally carbonated bottles!

Cons: Secondary fermentation in the recipe didn't do anything. I wouldn't even recommend it. Just leave it in the primary and check the SG after 2 weeks. It was ready before the directions.

final product

Review by Anthony Parker on 4/27/2009

Pros: It is certainly strong. Both batches have been close to 10% alcohol. I am following the instructions a little closer this time to see if it develops more flavor. A friend from England said it was authentic Most of the neighbors felt it was potent, but bland tasting.

Cons: It takes a long time and more steps (including storage at a reduced temperature).