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Belgian Quad

Review by John on 11/1/2012

This is by far my favorite kit! By itself it is fantastic. I tried adding some lemon leaves to the brew during the last 5 minutes of the boil and found that it added a nice subtlety and complexity to the finished product!

Liquid gold

Review by Brendan on 1/20/2012

This beer takes a little longer to produce but the results are amazing. By far my favorite of the William's kits and is the same caliber of other Belgians I pay ~$10/bottle for.

One Of My Favorites

Review by James on 7/5/2011

This brew turned out great. I'm a huge fan of Victory Golden Monkey but I have to say I like this better! Has a sweet flavor. I think I agree that a little more hop would send it over the top. I like this one so much I'm just not happy about sharing with my friends like some of my other brews. I bottled using 12oz browns along with 22oz. I also have a 2 liter growler but I'm saving that one for a special occasion. Nice foamy head in the glass. Definitely some nice effervescence with the pour. All-around great beer!

Good beer

Review by gary on 6/12/2011

This beer came out good. Easy to make and strong but sweat. I think it needs more hop flavor. But its almost gone.


Review by Frank on 5/14/2011

This beer had the stong flavor I really enjoy. I shared some with my friends but went through it much faster than others I have brewed before.