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Just OK

Review by Scott on 4/15/2013

I bought this in hopes of getting something close to St. Bernadus abt12. It was just too sweet and lighter in color than I would have preferred. Not sure of the reason, but its close to a Belgian wit. Several people that have tried it said it was close to Blue Moon. It is not a bad beer at all. It has a good flavor but it just wasn't what I was expecting.

Not bad

Review by Joel on 4/8/2013

I made this beer last July. My goal was to let it set about nine months. It is a strong one and very drinkable. My option, however, was somewhat diminished when I did a side by side comparison with Chimay Grand Reserve. Admittedly it was a little naive of me to think something I made from a box in my back yard could compare with a recipe perfected over decades by patient monks, but there you have it. Good, but not Trappist monk good.


Review by Troy on 3/23/2013

This was my first Belgian beer. It had a very strong alcohol presence to begin with, but after letting it age for another month it was a tasty treat. The sweet belgian flavor masked the strong alcohol content. My was about 10% and you wouldn't know it, until you tried to drink a 3rd glass, then you found out how strong it was.

Nice Quad

Review by William on 11/5/2012

Friends have been impressed by this one in the past. It is smooth and sneaky as it packs quite a wallop. I will definitely make this one again this year. The sweetness does a nice job of hiding the higher alcohol content. Make sure you aerate to keep the yeast going initially.

Excellent Kit

Review by Chris on 11/1/2012

This is a great kit. The results are amazing. My certified beer judge friends loved this one even though it isn't an actual style. It is very complex and the flavors are amazing. It is almost fruity with peach notes yet has other good complex flavors. Many non beer drinking women love this beer. Warning - this kit is a high gravity beer and has a lot of failure modes for beginners. It needs a yeast starter, oxygen aeration, and time in secondary to get a good fermentation. I let mine age for two months to ensure fermentation was complete. If not, if you bottle condition, detonation is a real problem with these kits. My friends have lost entire batches that way. All in all, amazing flavor and great beer if done correctly.