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Belgian Blonde

Review by Forrest on 4/13/2013

Easy to brew and easy to drink. Highly recommended.

My first batch

Review by Bill on 4/14/2013

This was my first brew and I have made it again since. Both times it turned out great! Probably will be making another batch again this summer.

Starting to like Blondes

Review by Jeff on 8/2/2013

I have always been a brunette guy so this surprised me. I now have added Blondes into my "like" list. This was my first brewing batch. During the process, I had a couple of questions and the staff at Williams professionally and quickly answered. I could not have been happier with the results. An excellent tasting brew and this has been validated by several of my friends. The toughest critic (my brunette wife) gave it a thumbs up (despite it being blonde)and she is dedicated to domestic lite beer. Will definitely brew again at some point in the future. My 4 star rating is simply because I don't have a baseline with it being my 1st batch. Otherwise, I would have given it a five.

Belgian Blond

Review by Bob on 5/7/2014

One of my new favorites this will make a great summer beer but I will have to brew a new batch cause the last batch is History.

Really good when you brew it right

Review by Duke on 9/16/2014

This one has a zesty flavor and great taste. Especially good for those friends who only drink lite beer. One of my wife's favorites. Definitely worth a try! We had a weird bottling situation as about every other one we opened was completely flat, no carbonation. The others were fine so I can only assume it was user error. Perhaps the priming I'll have to call the tech line to see what they think we might have done wrong.

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