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Thirst Quencher

Review by Anthony on 8/16/2011

This is a very easy beer to brew. After bottling I let sit in 72 degrees for 10 days. Then moved to 65 degrees for 15 days. I feel this built up a nice carbonation. It has a light body with a smooth finish. There is a touch of sweet malt. This is a excellent session beer. This beer is a cross over beer in which everyone can enjoy.

Great, wish it were stronger

Review by RudyFlyer on 9/3/2011

I am pretty obsessive regarding the brewing instructions and fermenting at the proper temperatures and using primary/secondary. This beer really came into it's own about the second month after bottling day. It was a touch weak on the esters but still very tasty. If I make it again I will not add as much water to concentrate the flavors.


Review by john on 1/23/2012

This is one of my first two kits that I purchased from Williams......the second was english mild....the blonde turned out excellant and was so easy. I did a primary for 6 days then secondary for a total of 4 weeks then bottled to carb for just about three more weeks......in credible brew... friends that came over to try with some brick oven pizza literally stole a case while I was not looking....Cant blame then though!!!!! Cant wait to taste the mild

Belgian Blonde

Review by Ryan on 6/2/2012

I received very good reviews from my focus group after they tasted the Blonde. Strict instructions on gravity, temperature and immediate bottling helped produce a great brew, with strong beer aroma, slight bitterness, beautiful blonde color and easy drinking. My concern was it kept foaming once bottle was opened, although I waited the full 15 days and followed the hydrometer reading. I should have shaken the bottles a lot more to get the yeast working in the solution. This foaming was something which did not happen with my well received Harvest Ale which brewed very well at below 58 degrees winter weather. But foam did not stop everyone from enjoying the brew. Many said the Blonde was the best beer they ever tasted! We need specific instructions on how many hours waiting for silt to go down before bottling, and what to add to make beer more blonde and clear.


Review by Byron on 3/19/2013

Killed the keg of this outstanding Blonde about 2 weeks ago. I will definately brew this again in the summer. Very light and refreshing and will be good in the summer quenching your thirst.

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