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Enjoyed every drop

Review by Emory L. on 2/15/2010

Pros: Easy to brew and enjoyed drinking as well. One of my friends did'nt even want to try it as he prefers hoppier beers (IPA). But he did try it and enjoyed it so much he drank all my stash. Will have to reorder another kit.

Cons: First few bottles had excellent carbonation and after that it was hit or miss, some were completely flat. pretty sure it was the flip cap bottle seals though and not the beer kit

Delicious but make sure it finishes fermenting!

Review by ITSMYKE on 2/14/2010

Pros: Everyone seems to love it. Once I made it, people drank it really quickly. This beer is a little bit sweet (as far as beers go) but I think it's great.

Cons: Airlock bubbled for a day or two and then stopped. After that point, it fermented very slowly. Mine never hit its final gravity but I checked it twice a week apart and it didn't change. Then, one of my mini-kegs bulged after conditioning for some time! Make sure you hit the final gravity target.

Great First Beer

Review by Jeffrey S. on 2/8/2010

Pros: This is a great tasting, easy to brew ale. I had plenty of compliments. The light, sweet taste was a crowd favorite. The brew process itself was easy, and didn't require a secondary fermenter so it was perfect for a first try. All things included, I will definitely brew again.

Cons: A little light on the carbonation, but still very flavorful and enjoyable.

Tastes good and easy

Review by Jason . on 2/7/2010

Pros: Very easy to brew and tastes great. I would recommend allowing to bottle condition a little longer than directions do though

Cons: doesn't last long enough

Excellent Beer

Review by Richard A. on 6/16/2009

Pros: This was my second time brewing beer and the first kit I purchased from Williams. The beer tastes great. Nice and crisp with a little sweetness from the honey and even a slight hint of orange in the aftertaste. Excellent carbonation and even good head retention. Two weeks ago, after letting them bottle condition for the recomended time I opened a few and shared with some family members. It was a success. I took a 12 pack to a graduation party this past weekend and gave out samples to which every response was excellent, even from people who do not care for beer. I will definitely brew this again.

Cons: The only thing I do not care for is the malt extract coming in a pouch. It makes it a little awkward when trying to hold the 8 lb pouch and squeeze the extract out. That did not effect my rating in any way.