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Introduce your BMC friends to good homebrew!

Review by Charles on 7/10/2011

i'm not a big cream ale fan, but i am willing to admit that a lot of people like it. take, for instance, my friend adam. he has been a bud light guy for years. there is a local brewery that makes a cream ale, and he raves over it, so i figured i would buy this kit and impress adam. it worked! he loves the ale. not that i love it, but it is good. so, if you have bmc friends who need to find real beer, then try a batch of honey cream. it's like a tornado filled with cream corn and orange blossom honey. several others have mentioned it sneaking up on people. well, it does. drink two pints and you will know what they mean. i give it 4 out of 5 because it's not perfect, but it is great. if you are thinking about it, give it a try...and i think i really like this ringwood yeast...adds butter to the cream corn.

Not very good

Review by Joel on 7/3/2011

I disliked this beer. I expected there to be a little more body to this one. Honey aroma and flavor are overpowering and there was little else to balance it out. If you want a coors light-like beer dressed up in honey then this one is for you. Wont be brewing this one again.

Beyond Good...

Review by Pat on 5/13/2011

This beer was bought purely off the reviews and damn if they were not dead on. Like everyone else the brew was delicious and gone in no time. Usually all my brew hangs around for at least a couple weeks...not this one. Two cases gone in 3 days. Oh yeah and it'll sneak up on ya w/ a killer buzz. To be honest this brew is perfect for a hot sumer night sitting in the backyard while bbq-ing.

Pretty good

Review by Dennis on 5/13/2011

This was our first kit that we brewed. When we first brewed it, it smelled and tasted very artificial and homebrewed. After being in the bottle for 3 weeks, it conditioned and tasted very good. The beer was super clear (used irish moss) and had a very slight sweetness to it. Will brew again since we know a little more since this brew.

getting another kit to brew because of the demand

Review by Paul on 3/20/2011

This was the first beer I ever brewed, and I have been brewing ever since! It's great stuff and all of my friends who tried it want me to brew it again. As all the kits from William's Brewing the directions a easy to follow and the end result is so worth the effort.