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Chills it quickly

Review by KingBolete on 3/17/2008

Pros: Quickly cools wort down to pitching temperature. Fits right into pot. Beware of the outflow water initially since it's very close to wort temperature---ouch!

Cons: Get adapter to sink threads if you need it (chiller uses garden hose threads).

Simple and gets the job done.

Review by Chris M. on 3/7/2008

Pros: - Cools the wort quickly...about 15-20 minutes - Low maintenance - No sterilzation needed

Cons: - A tad pricey, but given the current prices of copper, makes it a little more reasonable - may take longer to cool during the summer months depending on the temperature of your tap water

Simple & Effective !

Review by Larry R. on 11/5/2007

Pros: I have two of these cascaded: The first one is in a 3 gallon pott filled with crushed ice, the second is obviouly in the wort. 5 gallons to pitch in 15 minutes or so.

Cons: None.

Good buy

Review by Dominic F. on 9/9/2007

Pros: A quick, simple, and efficient way to cool your wort. The price on this is nice too, I couldn't find this much copper tubing and coil it myself for this price.

Cons: It's hard to find cons in a product that is so simple. It won't chill your wort as fast as a commercial heat exchanger, but did anyone expect it to?

Wort Chiller

Review by dfdegroot on 11/28/2005

Pros: Quick efficient cooling. Took 10 minutes to cool 2 gallons of boiling wort to 90 degrees. Fits perfectly into my brew pot. Easy to use and much better than a sink full of ice. Great value for the price. I just cover the brew pot with a towel while it is cooling instead of the lid which doesn't fit well with the tubes sticking out.

Cons: I always try to find at least one thing that products can improve on, but coming from cooling my wort by sitting it in a sink and filling it with ice (and still taking almost an hour to cool down), this product has been very useful and works perfectly. For the price, I could not imagine what could be improved on by this simple and efficient design.