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Wort Chiller

Review by Sacman on 10/23/2009

Pros: I just went to the hardware store to price 3/8 soft copper tubing and it was $2.00 a foot. 27 feet = $54.00. with no fittings or anything. I reckoned it would cost me $60.00 to make this my self with the compression fittings, then I still need to get hose to get the water to flow thru. Great deal for the money.

Cons: I don't have one yet.

Wort Chiller

Review by John P. on 4/24/2009

Pros: Using the wort chiller is so much faster and easier than packing the sink with ice. We haven't had any negative taste or operational issues except that the adapter washer was too thin for my faucet and sprayed water all over the place the first time. Very entertaining to all but the wet parties. Takes about 12-15 minutes to bring the wort all the way down to pitching temp.

Cons: None that I can think of. Use a longer output hose and water the flowers.


Review by Frank M. on 7/17/2008

Pros: This simple, easy-to-use device cools wort quickly, cutting down cooling time to 15 minutes for me (using a 3.0 gallon pot...I add 2.5 gal cold water to wort in fermenter). I put the pot in the sink, the chiller in the pot, and drain into the sink. I rinse the chiller after use. Placing it in the hot wort sanitizes it.

Cons: One reader emerses the chiller in the boiling wort to sanitize. I question whether this is necessary or advisable. I'm not a chemist, but I wonder if boiling the copper tubing might contribute unexpected flavors.

Great Chiller!!!

Review by Shaun C. on 7/15/2008

Pros: This chiller is a great addition to any home brewer's brew system. It cools my wort down in thirty to forty minutes, which is a fraction of the time I used to spend immersing my boil kettle in my bathtub. In addition, by placing it right in the kettle after the boil ends, it is completely sanitized by the boiling wort! In addition, unlike plate chillers/heat exchangers it wont get clogged with trub or other nasty stuff!

Cons: I really can not think of any! Just watch out for the first water that runs through it, as it will be really, really hot!

Chiller works great!

Review by Christine R. on 7/12/2008

Pros: This chiller cools down your wort very quickly. I put mine in the brew pot 30 minutes before I am done brewing to steralize it, then I attach the hoses when I go to use it.

Cons: Sometimes the hoses come off when I am using the chiller. It is probably my fault though, since I take the chiller and go up and down in the wort with it to cool it off quicker and to ad oxygen to the wort.