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Wort Chiller

Review by Robert on 7/25/2013

Back into homebrewing after a few years. Wort chiller cut down on time waiting significantly. Good product.

Chill quick

Review by Tim on 7/28/2013

Great Product, was able to pitch yeast in 25 mins. Fits into the boil pot perfectly.

Saves Time!

Review by William S. on 1/24/2014

The product works just like it supposed to. Cools a 5 gallon of wort in 15 to 20 minutes. Say goodbye to packing the kitchen sink with ice. Only issues I had with the chiller is didn't fit well in my 7 gallon pot without repending the coils to make it reach over the pot. Also, make sure you measure how much vinyl tubing you need. The ten feet of tubing supplied with the chiller was not enough for my set up, and so I ended up getting an addition 20 ft from the local hardware store. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who feels comfortable with homebrewing and wants to save a tremendous amount of time waiting on your wort to chill. I give it 4 out 5 stars just because of the rework I had to do to make it fit in my pot.

1st Use of Wort Chiller

Review by Nicholas on 1/25/2014

Never have utilized a wort chiller before and have been brewing with my Dad for years. Just completed my first batch and I will never brew without this again! It chilled much faster than the old sink and ice water method. I was very impressed. Had to pick up a sink to garden hose adapter but was not a big deal. Worked great!

Time saver

Review by Tim on 1/27/2014

This product is such an huge time saver. No more dealing with a sink full of ice cubes. Saves me about 45 minutes per batch and is a must have.

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