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Excellent tool for cooling quickly

Review by Alex Gandy on 6/8/2012

I used to sit the pot of wort in an ice bath; that used to take about 45 minutes to cool before I could pitch the yeast. The first time I used the immersion chiller, the wort was cooled in less than 10 minutes! Definitely a worthwhile addition to the home brewing toolkit.

What are you waiting for?

Review by Russ on 1/19/2013

Buy it already! This saves so much time and creates a beautiful cold break. I haven't had any chill haze since I started using this.

Worth every penny

Review by Scott on 4/15/2013

This think works so well its not an option for homebrewing but a necessity. Save yourself a ton of time on brew day with this bad boy. If you value your time it will be paid back in full after just a couple uses for the time you've saved.

Pretty darn good Chiller

Review by Kyle on 4/19/2013

This is probably the best bang for your buck. Great investment for a homebrewer with a budget and that only does 5 gallon batches. Way better than having an ice bath.

Good design and quality

Review by SteveB on 7/25/2013

The chiller design provides for very good cooling. The accessories in the kit are good quality. I recommend this for anyone looking to buy their first chiller.

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