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Worth every penny

Review by Scott on 4/15/2013

This think works so well its not an option for homebrewing but a necessity. Save yourself a ton of time on brew day with this bad boy. If you value your time it will be paid back in full after just a couple uses for the time you've saved.

What are you waiting for?

Review by Russ on 1/19/2013

Buy it already! This saves so much time and creates a beautiful cold break. I haven't had any chill haze since I started using this.

Excellent tool for cooling quickly

Review by Alex Gandy on 6/8/2012

I used to sit the pot of wort in an ice bath; that used to take about 45 minutes to cool before I could pitch the yeast. The first time I used the immersion chiller, the wort was cooled in less than 10 minutes! Definitely a worthwhile addition to the home brewing toolkit.

Glad I bought one

Review by James on 9/28/2011

I used to cool down my wort by placing the brew kettle in the kitchen sink and surrounding it with ice water, which I would have to drain every hour or so and refill. It usually too me 3+ hours go get my wort down to a good pitching temperature. I bought this product and used it for the first time last night. It took me about 30 minutes to go from over 200 degrees down to 75. Very easy to use and clean-up.

Quick Cool

Review by Frank on 9/3/2011

The description says 30-45 mins to cool, but it is actually more like 15 mins! Great product.