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Great product

Review by Brien on 8/22/2018

I had spoken with friends about the advantage of a wort chiller and their experience using one. This chiller exceeded my expectations!! I have well water so it’s pretty cold to start, but I batched outside on a hot August day and this chiller cooled the wort down to 85 degrees in like 15-20 minutes, amazing. What a great time saver!!!

Great Chiller, just a little short for big batches

Review by Eric on 3/19/2014

Got this for my 5 gallon pot and it worked great. Ramped up to the 8 gallon and we had to jerry rig some coat hangers to keep the chiller connection from being submerged. Otherwise, great device for starting out and can be used for pre-chilling a counter-flow in the future.

Great Chiller

Review by Gray on 1/27/2014

I recently picked up one of these when it was on sale. That made it all the sweeter. I've seen shorter versions locally that cost even more. That said, this chiller works great in my 5 gal pot. I've used it twice now to cool wort down to 80 in about 15 min. SO much easier than an ice bath that required more than 20lbs of ice. Note, I still fill the sink with ice water, but just with the ice from my ice maker.

Time saver

Review by Tim on 1/27/2014

This product is such an huge time saver. No more dealing with a sink full of ice cubes. Saves me about 45 minutes per batch and is a must have.

1st Use of Wort Chiller

Review by Nicholas on 1/25/2014

Never have utilized a wort chiller before and have been brewing with my Dad for years. Just completed my first batch and I will never brew without this again! It chilled much faster than the old sink and ice water method. I was very impressed. Had to pick up a sink to garden hose adapter but was not a big deal. Worked great!