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Review by Russ on 8/18/2021

This worked great. Cooled the wort in a fraction of the time ice takes

beer chiller

Review by Nadia Sides on 10/5/2020


Feel the chill

Review by Reed Holderman on 2/16/2020

Just tried my new wort chiller for the first time after years of thinking about buying one. In 20 minutes, it reduced my wort temperature to 75 degrees. Amazing! The only hassle, and it’s not much of one, is having to hook it up to my garden hose. My kitchen sink faucet has one of those fancy wands, so this was the only option. I made it work and do not miss pay alternative chilling (ie bathroom tub!) methods. Great product that works extremely well.

Wort chiller

Review by Jim irgens on 1/14/2019

I had trouble at first trying to get the tubing not to leak. I finally made it work but I had to really tighten the hose clamp and then I still had a little leak. It did cool the wort down fast.

Not the size advertised.

Review by Perry Aitchison on 10/14/2018

Good product, but I bought it to fit in my Mash and Boil, as it was advertised at 22" to the bend at the top. Unfortunately it turned out to be 17", so I had to cut the feeder end to get the tubing on pointing up. The outgoing end can fit once the coil is expanded a bit. The only drawback is the fitting is now inside the pot instead of outside, but fortunately not in the trub! Works fine now.