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Give it time if you can

Review by Joe on 3/6/2012

I would have rated this between 2.5 to 3 stars at first, but then I found a bottle buried in the back of the fridge that had been in there for over 6 months. So much better than the previous bottles at around 1-2 months old. Much smoother, less artificial flavoring from the extract...very enjoyable. I know it's hard, but stash at least a 6 pack of this away for further aging, you wont be disappointed you did....other than that you may wish you would have aged them all!

Great First Beer!

Review by Emery on 6/2/2012

I love this beer it was very easy to brew, one of the simplest in fact. The kit was step by step and the watermelon extract was superb. In the summer months this went over killer at every party. Buy it, try it, and you'll love it!!!


Review by Pete on 3/22/2013

Pretty amazing smells like watermelon, taste like beer, and nice watermelon after taste. ONLY con is 5 gallons is not enough, order at least 2! Its fantastic!!

Great brew kit

Review by rtw on 4/14/2013

I brewed this for the first time a month ago. I had friends come over last weekend. They all loved it. It is a perfect summer beer. I ordered another kit last week since we drank the whole keg.

Beyond easy

Review by Garret on 5/16/2013

I've been a home brewer for nearly a decade now and this kit was the easiest I have ever done. No grains to steep just pour in the malt extract and boil. Directions say to leave 2 weeks then bottle I choose to transfer to secondary after a week and bottle the following week. Just me I don't like my beer setting in that sediment for 2 weeks. Took about a week and a half to prime and the product was very light and tasty. Have shared this beer without telling what the flavor is and nobody has gotten it yet but they all loved it. For the price, ease of brewing and taste I Give it 5 stars.

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