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too fruity

Review by Brett W. on 5/17/2009

Pros: easy to make

Cons: I thought this had too much of a poor imitation watermelon flavor I think that the amount of flavoring should be cut back and use only half of the bottle. I even let the beer sit in the keg for a month before trying it.

Nice taste no support

Review by Miguel B. on 4/27/2009

Pros: Waited for a while to brew I keep asking for whole hops but they send me rabbit food. Whole hops are the best. I asked for whole hops. Maybe better response now

Cons: none adress my needs

Great Summer Beer

Review by Sabrah B. on 4/22/2009

Pros: Along with purchasing the Raspberry Wheat agin for summer of 2008, I surprised my husband with the Father's Day Ale and Watermelon Wheat. The Watermelon wheat was surprising a crisp, smooth favor and enjoyed by our summer guests although the Raspberry Wheat is still the house and guest favorite. You cannot go wrong with this kit.

Cons: No negative on the Watermelon Wheat but wish I could find a place to report that the "Father's Day Ale" was too foamy and most had to be discarded from two different batches of both kits purchased. That was disappointing.

Great beer with a Summery flavor

Review by Matthew M. on 3/10/2009

Pros: This is NOT going to taste like a Jolly rancher Watermelon candy. The flavor is light and refreshing with a green quality. My Wife compared the flavor to the rind of the watermelon as a pleasant, Summery drink. The lower alcohol content makes it a good beer to enjoy after some yard work. It also goes well with most meals where you'd otherwise have white wine.

Quite a Surpise

Review by martinbs1q on 11/14/2008

Pros: I'm not big on fruity beer, but people like this one so much I get a kit everytime I order. People who don't like beer like it, people who like fruity beer love it, people who like beer are suprised by it. The dry finish of the watermelon actually works very well with the light hop style they combined this with. Kind of champaignish. I look forward to opening one when I get home from work. One step ferment and bottle carbonated.

Cons: can't think of any.