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Review by W on 2/14/2013

The jar is classy glass. It could be a little thicker for durability, but no problem if you're careful. Small diameter requires less sample for measurement. Combined with the precision hydrometer it is perfect.

Awesome Hydrometer Jar

Review by Rik on 6/4/2014

Awesome! Finally an economical one made of glass. So clear and glossy, a perfect match to it's counterpart Precision Specific Gravity hydrometer (item #T25). So narrow that you'll use less wort per test. You don't have to worry about it getting scratched and cloudy like the plastic jar, just be careful with this delicate vessel just like anything else made of glass.

glass hydrometer jar

Review by William on 1/9/2015

The first time I took this out of the padded box I made for it and poured my sample in, I got wet feet. Hmmm, how could this be? The answer was at the bottom of the storage case where a glass disc sat, perfectly fitting one end of my new glass tube. This jar is probably a nice tool, but rather than mess about I bought your plastic hydrometer jar, not as cool but it works.

It is too small

Review by Will Schmit on 1/23/2018

The diameter is too small, and it isn't tall enough. When taking an original gravity reading, you are almost certainly going to get trub and sediments. Those particles certainly have a different specific gravity than the wort. How do we know that the hydrometer isn't being jived by a blanket of crud at the bottom?

Overall I like it, with reservations

Review by Rile McIntire on 8/17/2018

The new T09 hydrometer is longer than the older models, causing it to bottom out before reaching 1.000 My opinion is a Final Gravity hydrometer and jar should be able to read a bit below 1.000 Why? Well, it's nice to be able to calibrate using distilled water and if it bottoms out, you're SOL without another hydrometer jar. Also, I'm getting too much attenuation. I don't know why but it would be nice to know how much without resorting to other tools. That said, I really like it when it works. The close fit dampens movement and increases accuracy. With care. So it should be taller. I'll buy a taller one if they get one.

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