Average rating 9.625 out of 10 ( based on 24 reviews )

Very Satisfied

Review by Tom W. on 12/3/2019

I bought 2 of these to have carbonated water on tap in my main kitchen refrigerator and also allow 5 gal beer batches to be spilt in half. Seems to use high quality stainless steel, dip tube will scavenge down to the last ounce. Comes with quality seals and the ball lock interfaces worked without leaking. Great value, especially with the occasional discount or free shipping.

Great little kegs

Review by Ty on 11/17/2020

We had a few of these and bought a few more. These are great quality and the size is awesome for storage and usability.

Perfect for small batches

Review by Stephen King on 11/28/2020

This keg is great for small batches. I have switched from 5 gallon brews to 2.5 to 3 gallon batches. This keg works perfectly for that.

Perfect for beer on the go

Review by Steve on 3/23/2021

Well built, easy to fill and easy to clean. Not too heavy or big to haul around. Carries the equivalent of 26 cans of beer, so great for taking on a short trip or to a small party. Also fits into a standard fridge, as long as no one at your house is hogging too much room trying to actually store food in the fridge. Highly recommended, especially if you already have all the other equipment you need to keg and dispense.

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