Average rating 9.625 out of 10 ( based on 24 reviews )

2.5 keg

Review by Chris Q. on 5/7/2010

Pros: Fits perfectly in my kitchen fridge. Easy to clean.

Cons: Need to get a locking tap. Everyone wants my beer.

better than bottles

Review by JAMES C. G. on 5/7/2010

Pros: I bought two of these about 2 years ago and love them. You will never go back to cleaning 48 bottles again. The quality is superb and so easy to clean.

Cons: I can not think of one single thing I don't like about these kegs.

2 1/1 Gal Cornelius Keg

Review by David on 5/13/2011

Pro: Great little keg and very handy to transport and store in fridge. Con: Cost just as much as the 5 gal

Best small tank available

Review by Jeff on 5/18/2011

I purchased a second tank after buying the compact brewing system. I suggest buying the tank alone, then buying a separate regulator and 5lb CO2 tank. The paintball tanks and regulators are small, but I had a terrible experience with them. What I like most about these 2.5 gallon kegs is the flexibility to keg half the 5gallon batch, and bottle the rest to give to friends. Also, they are standard Cornelius-type, so parts are readily available. Highly Recommended!


Review by SPLASH on 12/10/2011

I bought 2 of these for splitting batches of Mead. (Keeping 1/2 still and making 1/2 sparkling) I have since increased all my beer batches to 7 1/2 gallon batches so I have a small keg on hand to take to events/parties. Great product...a little on the pricey side.

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