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No drips!

Review by Tunneler on 5/9/2010

Pros: -Have not had a single drip make it through when closed -Has stood up well to 6 months of heavy use so far

Cons: -Even for small batches, I think the larger 1/2 tubing is more time-efficient

Good Stuff

Review by Charlie on 9/12/2011

Easy to use and less mess.

tubing filler

Review by Scott H. on 1/22/2012

Three things needed for ease of bottling.Bottling tree,bottle sanitizer,and tubing filler.Don't turn your bottling bucket valve off and on for every bottle. Spend 3 bucks just for ease. Keep it clean and it will rarely drip.

Excellent Tool!!!

Review by Susan on 1/25/2012

This inexpensive tool is very valuable. You don't have to turn anything on or off, just place the bottom of the bottle next to the tip and the bottle automatically fills up. Then remove the bottle when it is full and the tip closes. It can't get any easier!!!!

Poor Design

Review by Pete on 9/22/2012

The tip popped off when filling my first bottle; beer went everywhere. The only thing keeping the "secure valve" in place is friction between the two pieces. The spring loaded tip also pushes against the tubing making a beer catastrophe inevitable. Don't let your beer and hard work go to waste. Not worth the three dollars or the headache that it brings.

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