Average rating 9.6 out of 10 ( based on 15 reviews )

great new keg!

Review by Fred on 10/25/2018

Finally! New kegs for me! With the hoop on the lid will make dry hoping a breeze!

new keg

Review by Jason Kingsbury on 1/28/2019

excellent quality

Nice New Kegs

Review by Greg on 3/17/2019

It's nice to get nice new clean kegs for the price of used. I got these for less than a used keg by the time I rebuilt it.!


Review by Skittlebrau on 5/10/2019

I haven't actually filled/pressurized this keg yet, but it seems like standard cheapo new kegs. However, it was packed terribly for shipping and arrived with a several dents. Nothing that's going to probably affect performance, but it's just a bummer when you're buying a brand new keg to have it already dented. William's Brewing Responds: We are contacting you about replacing this damaged shipment. Thanks for your business!

Compare to the 2018 keg

Review by Norm on 5/18/2020

This is a review / compare to the keg king that Williams sold in 2018 (the one in the picture); the 2020 keg land (looks almost the same 99.999%) 1.) the kegs looked good = new and a little whiter than the picture. = shipped well. 2.) welds are good = maybe not as good as keg king but 99% 3.) the finish is more pickled, less electropolished = lighter colored but rougher than the keg king = 95% 4.) compared to old ale kegs, from somewhere else, these are a nicer = 105% a. Keg king kegs were Iso 9001 these are not stamped as such; ISO 9001 cert is to help keep quality uniform (good or bad but uniform). b.) they come with a nice little label (for batch marking) c.) they arrive with pressure = sealed and clean! (I will still power scrub them and clean all the parts/ same as all new kegs) Overall 4.6 stars, Quality 4.5 Value 4.8 (5.0 with the 2 or more discount) just wished there was an option to have them electropolished

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