Average rating 9.6 out of 10 ( based on 15 reviews )

Great product

Review by Scott S. on 9/8/2007

Pros: This is a well made product and looks 100% better than used kegs. Fast shipping and great customer service, I will be a returning customer.

Cons: Cost more than a used key, however I think it was well worth it.

Best price for a new one

Review by SRfromGA on 9/23/2007

Pros: I'm happy with this purchase. It's been great and it is very well made. I will be purchasing a few more. Best price I've seen for a new one this nice!

Cons: None

Never bottle condition again

Review by Steven S. on 3/20/2008

Pros: Perfectly carbonated homebrew everytime. Buy 4 and brew every week.

Cons: I drink too much.

Kegs are the way to go!!!

Review by Linda S. on 8/3/2008

Pros: Ease of available beer.

Cons: Your friends will suck yoi dry!

Great Kegging System

Review by Frank on 5/5/2010

Pros: This is so much more easier than the mini-kegs of yore. Easy to clean, easy to fill, and easy to dispense. Plus with the safety relief valve no more worries about excessive pressures.

Cons: The size(height) will require a ?beer? refrigerator.

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