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Decent valve

Review by Steven on 2/24/2014

Have 3 on my primarys..1 each...works great without the need to siphon...many great beers with this... shall we call it apparatus...

May need to oversize 1" hole

Review by Marv on 8/28/2016

I installed this valve in 8 gallon fermenting and priming buckets purchased from local homebrew store. The wall thickness of those buckets were twice the 6 gallon buckets from Williams. It was very difficult to insert transfer valve in 1" hole (would not thread in at all) and I worried that the threads would be damaged as I forced it in. But struggled to get it in anyway and tightened enough not to leak. Had I possessed a hole saw 1/16th or maybe even 1/8th larger it would have been much easier.

Transfer Valve

Review by Dan on 9/6/2016

Perfect for what I needed

a must have!!!

Review by norden on 1/3/2017

I just finished putting this, with the invert nut, on the 3 gall. better bottle fermenter. I HATE using a siphon. this makes transferring wort so much easier... all my fermenters have this setup... this is a MUST have!!!!

Best transfer valve

Review by Mike miller on 6/13/2018

Never had a problem with williams valves.

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