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D-Day Ale

Review by Kevin Sevy on 9/6/2013

this was my first attempt at making beer and as we made it on June 6, we had to name it what we did. My friend Mike helped me as he is a long time beer maker. It tastes fantastic, I even let my local brewery try it and they couldn't say enough good about it. I am buying it again!

this should be available all year

Review by Thirsty Paddy on 5/19/2011

I've brewed this kit twice and it is my favorite Williams' kit. Malty amber ale with a balanced hop finish, solid alcohol kick, this is the type of beer that reminds me why I homebrew. Making a yeast starter and allowing this beer to condition for a couple extra weeks made a big difference in the second go around.

Be patient, very patient

Review by Anthony on 5/13/2011

I brewed 12 months ago and had the last of the Father's Day Ale two weeks ago. I use the tap-a-draft, so I had this last one third of the brew aged in the fridge for 10 months. The first two thirds of it was pretty good at two months, but after a full year it was unbelievable. It was so good, I almost did not share it with the friends that I know can really appreciate it. The character, body and refinement of flavor interaction improved ten fold. It was given top marks by all.

Quick and Easy

Review by Kevin Gaugler on 5/13/2011

This beer was quick and easy to brew. I had vigorous fermentation in less than 24 hours at 65F. I found the beer to be refreshing with just a bit less hoppiness than I expected. I would like them to tell what variety of hops are used.


Review by Brian on 5/4/2011

I brewed this one up about 10 days ago. Tasted when I transfered to the fermenter (I always do)and it was fantastic! It started percolating that night so I considered it a super fast start to ferment. Smells great and I cannot wait to get it bottled and start drinking it!