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Even my wife likes it!

Review by Marc B. on 10/18/2007

Pros: The spices and honey give the brew a wonderfully complex flavor. I also doubled the hops to suit my own tastes which didn't hurt the beer at all. I didn't measure SG but would guess after my buzz from two beers the alchol was higher then 5%.

Cons: Even my wife likes it. It has been in the fridge for a week and is half gone.

Holiday Ale

Review by goddebrian on 9/26/2007

Pros: Awesome product, well worth the money. The added spices and honey packet make this a delicious brew. Great for gift giving as well.

Cons: Cannot think of a disadvantage.

Holiday Cheer

Review by John D. on 9/11/2007

Pros: WOW! This is a great ale. The included spices add just the right touch to put you in the holiday spirit. I think the spice is a little strong at first but mellows and gets better with age. This ale goes down smooth and has a good kick of alcohol so take it easy. This is a great brew anytime, not just during the holidays, so stock up because it is only available for a few months... j.d.

Cons: Not enough holidays to keep this available year round.

Made it Stout

Review by Lew on 9/25/2006

Pros: Straight forward kit. Great brew straight from the kit. Great brew with some steeped Black patent and dark crystal malts. Fast becoming a Christmas tradition.

Cons: I still can't get the spice addition quite where I want it. Too early and not enough aromatics, too late and too much bitterness from the spices. Would be helpful to know a bit more about which and how much spices are in the kit.

William's Holiday Ale

Review by Keene3960 on 9/17/2005

Pros: Item is excactly what I am looking for. I have always done business by phone but this site is fantastic and will place orders on the internet from now on.