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Best all around beer I have ever brewed

Review by Ryan H. on 10/26/2009

Pros: I am a relative newcomer to homebrewing (about a year), and I think this Holiday Ale is about the best kit brew I have yet come up with. Good taste, good color, good foam. Even my wife likes it, and she usually hates beer. The flavor is akin to a Samuel Adams holiday ale or some of the other micro-brew seasonals. The hint of honey and spices don't overpower, which I was afraid they would.

Cons: It has just a hint of a hoppy aftertaste, which is common for ales of this kind.

Good First Brew

Review by Evan C. on 11/9/2008

Pros: My first brew and, along with the William's kit, the whole process was a piece of cake. The result was a solid medium ale. The included spices added more to the aroma than the scent, and I can see it being a pleasant experience when we get the fireplace started.

Cons: It's very...medium. There is absolutely nothing bad with the ale and I have no complaints whatsoever - and it's a perfect first brew - but I can't help wanting just a little bit more of...something. Perhaps a few more weeks conditioning will bring it out.

Yes I said 10

Review by Erik on 9/19/2008

Pros: I brewed this last year for the first time. It was gone in a little over two weeks. There wasn't a single person that didn't like it. People started asking me when I was going to brew it up again in July! I am going to brew up three batches this your.

Cons: It goes too fast.

Just a really GREAT beer

Review by Nicholas on 8/22/2008

Pros: This is easily one of my favorite beers on the planet. I usually brew three batches. The first two I brew as early as possible. With proper care they age FANTASTICALLY and make great gifts for family and friends (my doorman was especially pleased last year). The third I brew the first week of December with my brother, it's a great holiday tradition and helps carry the brew through the late winter.

Cons: I dare you to find one.

Quite good

Review by Logan K. on 11/11/2007

Pros: This is a very smooth, really nice beer. It's especially good with cold weather setting in. The spices are not at all overpowering, which was my biggest concern with this brew.

Cons: It started a little sweeter than I wanted, but has mellowed out after just another week in bottles. I think it will keep getting better (I have about half of the batch left.) Also, I overcarbonated it a little, so I sometimes have to open the bottles over the sink. That's my fault though, not a problem with the kit.