Average rating 9.61224489795918 out of 10 ( based on 49 reviews )

Holiday Cheer

Review by Brise on 8/14/2012

My guests at Christmas alway look forward to this home brew. They are never disappointed and they keep me busy each year brewing a new batch.

Perfect Holiday Ale

Review by Asher on 1/22/2012

The Williams Winter Ale has been the best of our fall/winter homebrew run (4 since October). The Winter Ale was noticably spicey- with all the expected notes for the season- cinnamon, nutmeg, etc... Out brew had a banana-bread smell to it- maybe I smacked the yeast pack a little too early? But, the brew was delicious and very drinkable among varied tastes. Thanks Williams :)

First Brew

Review by Zack H on 11/23/2011

This was my first brew, and it turned out very well. I kegged two thirds of the beer, and bottled the rest. The bottles were perfect two weeks after bottling. I was concerned with the taste of the beer after three weeks in the kegs. I shook the kegs and let them sit for a few more days and the beer tasted wonderful. Excellent kit and a great tasting beer!

A great gift

Review by Jeff on 10/25/2011

I gave growler of this brew to family and friends last Christmas and people loved it. A very distinctive taste.

You can't beat the quality of this kit

Review by David G. on 9/6/2011

This is a truly spectacular beer for the seasons. The colder it is outside, the better this beer is. Its high alcohol content warms you while the spices excite your taste buds. Its surprising depth is noticed by my guests, with great enthusiasm.