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Holiday Tradition Continues

Review by J A LeClair on 10/20/2016

The Holiday Ale has been my go to holiday brew for the past 4 years and will continue to be for as long as I can brew. I keep forgetting to order 2 kits and have continued this tradition this year. Will again try to make up for this mistake and maybe you all won't be "SOLD OUT" this year....

Winter warmer

Review by Ken Byington on 11/14/2015

An annual favorite at holiday time. Funny to see all of the attempts to clone this beer on the home brewing forums, there's no need when you can just buy it from William's and make it!

Kick it up a notch

Review by Greg on 10/1/2014

I like to add a bottle of pepper vodka to the 5 gal batch at bottling, just to make it a bit more "cheery" in the glass. I've never had trouble getting it to carbonate doing this. My son-in-law always starts asking if I have it around the holidays.

Holiday Ale

Review by William on 9/12/2014

Excellent ale for the holidays. I've made this ale for a few years now, and it has become a family favorite and expectation. Can't wait to make it again this year!

Don't change a thing

Review by Raymond on 9/4/2014

Please don't tinker with the spices, I look forward to this brew all year. I've had other "Holiday" ales, but this is definitely my favorite.