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great filler

Review by Jeff I. on 7/13/2008

Pros: This filler is fast and easy.Easy to clean and with one handed operation bottles can be filled with ease. Better than counter filler no confusing valves to turn on and off.

Cons: Filler bottles need to be as cold as the beer.

Love the Beergun!

Review by Brian S. on 7/14/2008

Pros: Ease of use. Ease of cleaning. Beer stays carbonated long after bottling.

Cons: May get some foaming when bottling. I sometimes have to tweak the pressure on the keg.

Nice filler

Review by Outdoorbrewer on 5/11/2010

Pros: Had consistent results using the beer gun including adequate bottle carbonation and ease of fill. Worked great for filling growlers also.

Cons: Some small parts could get washed down the drain when cleaning so use a sink stopper - need a place to put gun between fills so use a sanitized pan or heavy pitcher to hold it while you cap

Great Filler

Review by John M. on 1/30/2012

Great quality, very easy to use, love the co2 "squirt" feature. Now if Blichmann would only invent a robot that would sanitize and cap my bottles for me. Until then the beergun will do.

No better product...

Review by Ted on 6/1/2012

Whether you are considering different options - this makes bottling simple. I freeze my bottle first, I am curious why I see bubbling in the line when the keg is below the gun (but not when the keg is higher, I will continue to investigate that). I turned up the pressure on my tank to 12.5-13 psi and am pleased with the tool. I use this for competitions and sharing with friends, no question, I am thrilled to have this.

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