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Sanitation Ease

Review by RobJ on 3/23/2013

This device fit perfectly on top of the 81 bottle tree and is great for sanitizing the bottles. This is my 2nd unit as the 1st one cracked at the threads where the pump screws into the base. So far this has not been a concern, and I would never want to be without this on bottling day.

Great bottle cleaner

Review by Allen on 2/13/2012

Pros, This is a great unit for cleaning the bottles for wine and beer. Makes the cleaning go fast. Well worth it. Cons, I suggest to unscrew the white plunger from the red base after each use since the plunger is under constant pressure from the spring. The threads broke apart on mine after over a year of use since it has constant pressure forcing up on the threaded base. Just a suggestion!

worked good for me

Review by Scott H. on 2/11/2010

Pros: Cut my sanitizing solution and time for sanitizing bottles at least in half.I must of got a good one,because I've sanitized at least 400 bottles with it. If this one broke I'd buy another.

Cons: It takes a little time for the solution to pump up. Be patient.

try again

Review by jeff k. on 1/15/2010

Pros: very easy to use.

Cons: it broke in middle of the third case of bottles.

Bottle sanitizer makes it quick and easy

Review by RICH B. on 9/18/2005

Pros: Just add water and sanitizer and you're ready to go. Simply place the bottle over the nozzle, press down and the solution spray inside the bottle. This can also be used to wash bottles.

Cons: Must be taken apart in order to store inside its box.