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Summer beer drinking

Review by R T B. on 7/13/2008

Pros: This kit is easy to brew and easy to drink. I kegged mine and waited three weeks before tapping, it was very smooth and very clear. Just follow the instructions.

Cons: My friends like it too much, it will not last nearly the entire summer.

Hopped Up William's Summer Ale

Review by Jim W. on 7/12/2008

Pros: I added more hops to make it more tasty and now I can taste the hop "pun ch" at the end of the sip. This is a great summer ale, with or without hopping it further. I added Simcoe Pellets at boil and Columbus whole hops at 40 minutes, 1 ounce each. It is becoming my favorite homebrew for this summer.

Mild and refreshing

Review by John B. on 7/12/2008

Pros: The process was very simple...less clean up and less time over the stove. I couldn't wait to taste the first glass and did yesterday, I was very pleasantly pleased with the results. Very light and refreshing with just the right amount of hops and carbonation. Very well balanced with a hint a sweatness. Great for the very warm months of So. Cal.

Cons: I make my own recipes from raw ingredients and take pride in the knowledge that it's my own creation. You don't get the same feel when you open that first bottle when you brew from a kit.

Summer Ale

Review by Dave S. on 7/12/2008

Pros: Very light, drinkable beer. Nice flavor for warm summer months with a hint of corriander. Would compare to Brooklyn Summer Ale in taste, except this is a bit more flavorful. Easy to brew with nice carbonation.

Cons: Seems to taste better after a longer refrigeration - would wait a few days to enjoy.

A must-try

Review by Kelly A. on 6/19/2008

Pros: After weeks of waiting and nervous anticipation, I finally opened my first Summer Ale last night. Perfectly carbonated! The taste was out of this world. Very light, mildly sweet and refreshing. A must for summertime, especially if you live in the Southern region where the humidity takes your breath away.

Cons: Like previous reviews, I am sad that it only makes 5 gallons. I can see a reorder on the horizon.